A week in the life of Holly, Honestly

I have many roles in life, as do most women in 2018. I am a property manager (estate agent), a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, a pub wife, a blogger. Each of those roles pull me in 8 different directions and, honestly, I struggle to keep up with any of them. 
A lot of women I know in life or follow on social media admit to feeling that they're failing in at least one aspect of their life. The media however depicts so many famous women as sailing through life juggling all of these roles, without breaking a sweat. "Effortlessly" is a word that flies around a lot and a topic I've recently heard Mindy Kaling discussing openly.
The ethos of my blog is Honesty. I try very hard not to portray on social media that I am succeeding at any of these things in life. I want to show the truth of myself and the life of a modern 30 year old living and working in London. I want to subvert the blogger stereotype of dreamy shots all filtered in the same dusky pink h…

Top 10 Inspirational Women

In honour of International Women's Day, I didn't just want to share this piece with you, I needed to. I have so many women that I look to for inspiration. I could have written another ten thousand words on this, ten times over. In the interest of keeping it sweet (sorry, it's not short by any means), here is a list of the 10 women who are currently inspiring me as a woman. I've included a quote from each person, what the quote means to me, and why each woman deserves to be on my list. 

Helen - My Mum

She always taught me that whatever I am doing, do my own best at it. Don't compare myself to anyone else, but put your all into the things you care about! 
My mum is my rock. She's my best friend, confidante, boost when I'm down and ego curber when I get carried away. There's nothing in the world I can't talk to her about, and she's probably the only person on the planet on my wavelength. She gets just as upset about the injustices of the world as I do…

Disney, Friendship, Soho on a Saturday night?

We all get tagged in a post on Facebook by a friend. Sometimes once a week, sometimes once an hour. A few of the posts we're tagged in give a minor chuckle. Most are meh. 
In December, my friend Emily tagged me in a post. She's one of my closest friends and also one of the funniest people I know so I know it's going to be a good one. The post is along the lines of "Overnight Disney Movie Marathon". I already know I'm in.
I agree quicker than I would to a free ticket to a Spice Girls concert and forget entirely about it. Until last weekend when it rolled around. My 30 year old self is as excited as my 7 year old self would be.
12 hours of Disney movies, back to back, at the Prince Charles Cinema in Soho. I don't even know what films are on. I don't care. I love them all.
I spent all week obsessing about what to wear, what to pack, what snacks to take, whether or not I should take wine (not allowed by the cinema!).

Clothes were easy. I decided on stretchy jean…

The One! 9 Reasons Not to Give Up

Growing up, I had all the same misconceptions that I think most girls do. I assumed I would date boys in high school, go to university, meet the love of my life in my last year, we would get awesome jobs, and end up married with dogs and kids in the suburbs living happily ever after.

I am smart and sensible. I have a law degree and have never placed a bet on anything in my life. So how on earth was I ever foolish enough to think that the scenario above would be my life? 
My path has been very different. I didn't really date boys in high school. I went to university, dated guys that should have just been friends, made mistakes. I didn't meet the love of my life. I never thought I would even consider giving out dating advice.
I am, however, living the beginning of my happy ending.
I got a job I hated, changed careers, and ended up as an estate agent. Long story short, I ended up on Tinder searching for women. Years of dating and flirting with some very wonderful an…

Lust, Art, Billionaires, Mystery! World Book Day, for Grown Ups!

Judith is an art-dealing, mysterious feminist symbol who knows how to play men. Perhaps she takes it a little too far but there’s something that we could all learn from her; to stand up and take control of your own destiny.
I had no idea that this book was part of a trilogy when I started reading it, and it really didn’t matter. I’ve every intention and reading the first and third books in the series but this book works as a standalone in the way that so many don’t.
Having actually read the second book first, the mystery is intensified; not knowing the events that’s led Judith to be terrified when she spots an old face at a party. Little did her admirer know of her history and the fate of his future! The book had me hooked at every turn: sex, art, money, travel, fashion, Italy, language, castles, billionaires, boats. It’s all that you could want, and a gondola full of everything more
Judith leads us through the winding streets of Venice; her glamorous and shiny lifestyle jets over Europe…

Molten Magic? The Silver Lining

I've just rediscovered my love of nail varnishes. They're such a simple, cheap and easy way to add some colour into your life or outfit, without actually putting in too much effort. 
Once upon a time, the perfect manicure would cost a fortune and take an age. Now, nail varnishes are almost foolproof, available in almost every shop and almost always under £5! 

My girlfriend popped out to get some essentials this week in Superdrug and came home with this treat for me! Barry M's range of Molten Metals caught her eye and she picked me up this bottle in the gorgeous Silver Lining shade. 
I am a sucker for all things shiny, and I think it's rubbing off on her too! 
We're saving for a big holiday to South Africa in April, (alongside planning for a house, babies, a wedding one day in the next 40 years) so we're being careful with what we spend and try to avoid unnecessary 'luxury' items. This can be pretty dull and she loves to spoil me but not even I can complain …

Shirtbags! Can Jameela Jamil be my wife now?

Society tells us that if we act right during our lives, we go to a good place after we die. Supposedly, The Good Place. What if you don’t but you were supposed to? What if you live a mediocre life; you don’t kill anyone but you’re pretty darn selfish?
This is the case for Eleanor. She was a bit of a shirtbag (you can’t swear in the Good Place) yet somehow she finds herself dead and sat at the desk of Michael – Ted Danson’s devilishly handsome answer to the guy at the pearly gates to her utopia.

Assuming she could fool all the saintly people who ended up in The Good Place, Eleanor (Kristen Bell - Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Frozen!) carries on with the charade, not daring to point out the quite obvious mistake and off she potters into her after-life.

The concept of The Good Place (season 1) in itself is - excuse the pun - divine. You’re given your dream home, meet your true soul mate, live in a town bestowed with all your favourite things, and your days are filled with gardening in the s…